Life is a journey, full of uncertainty. It molds and shapes our character. When confronted with difficulties, we learn where our strengths and weaknesses lie. Ultimately, that discovery helps us define who we are and what we need to be whole.

Holly (11) is clever and a natural leader, but insecure; Ethan (13) is an African-American boy who is intense, defensive, and searching for self-esteem; Drew (12) is introverted and self-centered, but lonesome; Ashley (8) is generous and bright, but diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; Sací(timeless) is an elf standing twelve inches tall on one leg and bringing chaos wherever he lands. He’s a trickster by nature, an orphan of sorts, and a long way from home. As diverse as they all are, they have one thing in common — they are homeless.

Mother and Father Spears provide their foster care. They live together in a five-bedroom Victorian farm house on the Eastern shore along with Boswell their beagle, Pitsa their tailess cat, and their barnyard animals.

Henry Drudge, of Drudge’s Antiques, is a crafty business man who cheats the Spears out of Sací’s antique rum barrel until he’s confronted with one who is craftier then he is.

The adventures await…